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Dr. Jamie Koufman:
Treating Reflux with Diet.
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December 09, 2021  
REFLUX1 FEATURE: Living with GERD Center  

Improving Your Quality of Life

Reflux1 is committed to helping you choose the best and safest options for coping with your GERD. To that end, we have developed this resource to provide the information you need to ensure your acid reflux does not impair your quality of life.
Latest News

Antacids: Helpful, But Should Be Used With Discretion

While antacids are generally thought to be a low-risk solution for unpleasant digestive symptoms, it is also important for patients to know that as with all medications, there are some potential risks associated with antacid use. more...
  Diet & Nutrition Resources
Nutrition Diet Adjustments
Tired of suffering every time you eat? Consult Reflux1's diet & nutrition resources to identify those foods that trigger your symptoms.
Dining Out Dining Out?
Reflux1 provides the information you need to make wise choices when dining out.
Journal Reflux Journal
Keeping a record of what you've eaten when you experience symptoms is a great way to identify your personal triggers. Print out our diet journal now!
 Lifestyle Resources
Stress Managing Your Stress
Stress takes an enormous toll on the human body and often is a trigger for uncomfortable GERD symptoms. Read more about how to manage your stress effectively.
Fitness Fighting Obesity
If you're overweight and suffering from GERD, losing even 10% of your body weight can alleviate your symptoms.
Fitness Smoking: Quitting Will Help
Did you know that smoking can aggravate your GERD symptoms by loosening your LES muscle? Read more about the effects of smoking and how quitting can help you!
  Reflux1 Community
Share Your Story With Other Users
Talking about your condition with other Reflux1 users who have been through the same thing may help alleviate some of your fears or frustrations regarding your GERD symptoms. Reflux1 offers several opportunities to do this:
  • Reflux1 Forums
  • Patient Stories
  •  Treatment Options: Improving Your Quality of Life
    Available Treatments
    If you're ready to treat your uncomfortable GERD symptoms, use our Reflux1 treatment resources to help explain your options:
  • Alternative Treatments for your GERD
  • Complete List of Treatment Options
  • Endoscopic Options for treating your GERD
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