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December 09, 2021  
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NEXIUM (esomeprazole)

What is Nexium?
Nexium is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) containing the medicine esomeprazole. Nexium and other PPIs are intended for long-term treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) rather than for acute attacks. It can also help heal the esophageal lining and stomach ulcers that are associated with heartburn. Nexium, manufactured by AstraZeneca, is available by prescription only and comes in a long-lasting tablet form.

How does Nexium work?
Nexium is a proton pump inhibitor. This class of drugs works by inhibiting certain cells in the stomach that create acid. By deactivating some of the acid pumps, the medicine decreases the amount of acid produced and provides sustained relief from heartburn while still leaving enough acid production for regular digestion.

No studies have been published regarding the effectiveness of Nexium in treating GERD. Unpublished studies show that it is more effective than placebo. In clinical research, over 90% of patients experienced complete healing of erosive esophagitis when taking Nexium.

Side effects of Nexium may include headache, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Even if heartburn symptoms go away, other stomach conditions may still exist.

Who should use Nexium?
If you suffer from GERD (heartburn more than once a week), have tried diet and other lifestyle changes, and want a treatment that will last several months, you may want to ask your doctor about Nexium. You can also visit Nexium's website at or additional information. Nexium may also be prescribed for stomach or intestinal ulcers related to the H. pylori bacteria.

Warnings and Precautions when using Nexium :

  • Nexium is contraindicated (should not be taken) by patients who are allergic or hypersensitive to any of its components.
  • Women who are or may become pregnant and women who are breastfeeding should consult their physician before taking Nexium.
  • Nexium should not be used by people less than 18 years old.

In addition, Nexium may react negatively with certain other medications. Discuss all these factors with your doctor to determine if Nexium is right for you.

Itching, skin rash, fever, swelling, or difficulty breathing may indicate an allergic reaction. Nexium may cause side effects including chest, abdominal, and back pain, joint aches and bowel irregularity. Talk to your doctor if you experience any of these or other symptoms that worry you while taking Nexium.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nexium

How much Nexium should I take?
Your doctor will determine your dose based on the reason for the prescription. Typically, to treat or prevent GERD, you will take 20 to 40 mg once daily for four to eight weeks. For ulcers, your doctor will probably prescribe 20 mg twice daily in conjunction with other medicine. Even if your symptoms disappear, continue to take the medicine for the prescribed time for the most benefit.

How should I take Nexium?
Nexium should be taken with a full glass of water, an hour before eating. It should be taken at the same time each day. Swallow the pill whole; do not crush or chew it. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible; if it is close to the next dose, skip the first and take the next at the regular time.

Will I get heartburn during the weeks I'm taking Nexium?
Nexium may not prevent all attacks of heartburn. It you suffer acute attacks it is safe to take antacids (such as Tums.) Additionally, if you suffer heartburn you should also modify your diet to avoid food and drink that triggers heartburn symptoms.

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