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December 09, 2021  
COMMUNITY: Patient Stories
You are in the Acid Reflux patient stories. Choose a story from the list below. You may also:

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Nov. 17 Discount the truejackets Anonymous
Feb. 25 develop good habit Anonymous
Nov. 05 Gerd Anonymous
Oct. 16 I can't get rid of the swelling ... Anonymous
Oct. 04 reflux Anonymous
Sep. 18 LPRD [email protected]
Sep. 07 Acid Reflux and bad breath Anonymous
May. 17 side effects cheryl moore
May. 04 GERD [email protected]
Oct. 06 regurgitation and gasping for air ... Anonymous
Sep. 21 regurgitation during sleep Anonymous
Sep. 11 Acid reflux [email protected]
Aug. 17 4 years & still suffering [email protected]
Jul. 18 Chest pain Alice Livingston
Apr. 23 NON-STOP THROAT CLEARING Barnett Serchuk
Mar. 30 chest pain Anonymous
Feb. 28 Enteryx Procedure Anonymous
Jan. 13 Ive been in alot of pain, i think ... Pamela Hudson
Jan. 01 Is there a connection to ... Anonymous
Dec. 25 Son with GERd Jeni
Dec. 21 Daughter with Acid Reflux Anonymous
Dec. 17 laryngeal reflux [email protected]
Dec. 11 brian mitchell response Anonymous
Dec. 02 acid reflux [email protected]
Nov. 25 Anonymous
Oct. 22 Short of breath DE MCDONALD
Sep. 17 GERD Tracy Hake
Sep. 02 acid-reflux sophia Trujillo
Aug. 26 Laryngopharyngeal Reflux [email protected]
Jun. 30 reflux Anonymous

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