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January 18, 2022  
hotel Travel-Sized Inflatable Bed Wedge for Treating Acid Reflux on the Go
Travel-Sized Inflatable Bed Wedge for Treating Acid Reflux on the Go
Travel-Sized Inflatable Bed Wedge for Treating Acid Reflux on the Go
New inflatable bed wedges can elevate acid reflux sufferers while sleeping away from home.
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Reflux in the News
Managing Asthma With New Breathing Exercises
A presentation that demonstrates breathing exercises designed to help reduce the use of asthma inhalers is available to the general public for free from the Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Asthma and Airways website.
- Medical News Today
Allergic to food: Digestive disorder leads to child’s feeding tube
In people with eosinophilic disorders, the number of the cells greatly increases, causing inflammation and related problems...
- Deseret Morning News
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